Rare or Unreleased 19: Jorge Ben Summer Solstice Special!

Jorge Ben: Raro '76-67 [.zip]
Technically, the summer solstice was yesterday. But I was severely hungover yesterday. So, a smidge belated, here's a solstice offering: some rarities by Brazilian singer-songwriter Jorge Ben, whose songs brim with light & love (for want of an expression less lame).

And I know you're gagging for it: Every week about a hundred people visit this blog for approx. four minutes. Yet only three or four trusty mp3 hunters consistently download the goodies that lie herein. (What do the rest of you people do here? Read?!) Of all the downloads made available on Toilet Guppies, the undisputed winner is my previous post on Jorge Ben. That Ben rarities comp has been downloaded about thirty times—twice as much as the second most popular download (the Birthday Party's official bootleg It's Still Living, brimming with dark & hate).

And seeing as there's such a wealth of great Ben material that's still, inexplicably, out of print—the consistently high quality rendering my previous sampler's selections a bit random—here's a follow-up with more sun loving sounds:
1. Meus filhos, meu tesouro
2. Hermes Trismegisto escreveu
3. Assim falou Santo Tomáz de Aquino
4. Velhos, flores, criancinhas e cachorros
5. Hermes Trismegisto escreveu
6. Paz e arroz
7. Morre o burro, fica o homem
8. As Rosas eram todas amarelas
9. Que nega é essa?
10. Porque é proibido pisar na grama
11. Rita Jeep
12. Comanche
13. Eu sou da pesada
14. Quanto mais te vejo
15. Frases

(For the nerds:
1-2 from from África Brasil (1976)
3-4 from Solta o pavão (1975)
5 from A Tábua de Esmeralda (1974)
6-9 from Ben (1972)
10-12 from Negro é lindo (1971)
13-15 from O Bidú—Silêncio no Brooklin (1967), backed by the Fevers
I highly recommend purchasing Ben's same-period albums that haven't been discontinued:
Jorge Ben (1969)
Fôrça bruta
Jorge Ben—10 anos depois
Gil & Jorge—Ogum Xangô

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