Net Nuggets 11: Love Would Be Much Better

Devendra Banhart: Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic [zip]

The sun's demanding. The grass smells of sausages, the bushes of condoms. Bodies dreaming of perfection lay marinated in sun block, hoping to wake up gorgeous. The streets are abuzz with people. Laughter in the distance. Still, «love, it would be much better…»

These live-in-studio recordings were aired on US radio station KCRW on 5 May 2004, as Devendra Banhart was promoting the remarkable Rejoicing in the Hands of the Golden Empress. The five last songs are backed by the Winter Flowers, Devendra Banhart joining them on one of their songs («Hey Ho»):
  1. This Is the Way
  2. The Body Breaks
  3. Todos los dolores (lla se van)
  4. Autumn's Child
  5. This Beard Is for Siobhan (a.k.a. The Daughter of a Man Was Mammalian and Oh so Well Brested)
  6. It's a Sight to Behold
  7. Will Is My Friend
  8. Hey Ho
  9. Michigan State

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