This Guppy's Gone to Heaven

The last months or year or so I haven't had much time to write a blog, and indeed I'd planned on winding Toilet Guppies down completely. Now it seems someone has done it for me. MediaFire has suspended my account for violations of its terms, deleting all of Toilet Guppies' uploads because some Internet-patrolling corporations don't want copyrighted music to be distributed, even if that music isn't commercially available, in physical or digital format. Only about three uploads had previously been deleted for terms violations; now they've taken almost five hundred other uploads with them down the drain.

Which is apposite, given the blog's lavatory theme. At any rate, I don't care enough to fight MediaFire or to painstakingly re-up hundreds of uploads, so from now on, if anybody wants to download something from old posts they'll have to request it in the comments section below the post in question, in which case I'll see what I can do.

No promises, however. There's more work to blogging than I really have the time or finances to spend much effort on, so it will all depend on, you know, real life, time and such. Anyway, thanks, I suppose, to the thousands of people who have downloaded things without so much as leaving a comment, perhaps after skipping my self-indulgent Internet forum-stylee rants. We really haven't connected in even a semblance of a way, and it wouldn't be worth it for me to get into trouble on your anonymous account. Thanks also to all the people who have followed the blog on Google or Facebook, and not just because they're my friends. And to the country of Indonesia, which, for delightfully obscure reasons, always represented the highest percentage by far of virtual visitors to the Toilet. Thank you!

May all the great rare or unreleased music become commercially available in the future, hopefully to earn their creators something of a living. Until then, I'll not take offence if anybody shares anything they downloaded here elsewhere on this World Wide Web of ours.

So long and see you round the bowl!


HTRK Records New EP

Terrible fashion pretension from about two months back unveils sounds from HTRK's forthcoming EP, currently in progress. A continuation of 2011's brilliant Work (Work, Work), this excerpt confirms the Hate Duo's position as a sort of Radiohead with a sex drive: