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Girls Against Boys: «She's Lost Control» [mp3]

An out-of-control girl can be a mixed curse. There's no way of being certain «other people» aren't really just a figment of your imagination—that they actually experience and feel anything at all—so some volatile girl with yo-yo moods, little self-discipline and no emotional restraint, feeding on the feelings of anyone who will stay, may provide a convincing case for the existence of other minds, whenever you're in the clutches of lonely, late-night solipsism.

And what better day to celebrate dysfunctional girls than on a Friday? When they willingly go out to losen the tentative grip they have on life (and on reality as a whole), dressed in black and wearing too much make-up, their self-medication a big «fuck you» to their team of doctors, specialists and therapists.

So here you go: an inexplicably out-of-print cover version of «She's Lost Control». The original by Joy Division lacks the confidence that sometimes comes with a modicum of technical ability, but Girls Against Boys were still in their tight & ballsy prime in 1995. Not only does their rendition surpass the original; it's one of GvsB's most glorious moments, kicking so much arse it's been stuck in my head for the better part of fourteen years. (Which is about as long as it's been out of print.)

To coincide with the various artists tribute album, A Means to an End—The Music of Joy Division, GvsB released this bottom-heavy and über-kool tribute to the humourless division as a single. Needless to say, it didn't fare well. But it certainly deserves to be played.

Every Friday night.

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  1. Yeah! Finally some GvsB! Gimme gimme gimme more! t