Festival Time!

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means: Mandatory attendance at the music festival of your choice! Which, if you've got any sense, you should make the DIY noise fest at the most happening farm currently in existence. For on the 19th to the 20th of June, Støy På Landet kicks off in Selbu—the rural heartland of the heaviest traditional binge drinking of illegally potent and recklessly homemade alcohol in the world, about two hours out of Trondheim, Norway.

From last year's bash, this is what you might expect:

Or, if you're more melodically inclined, here's something for you John Fahey/James Blackshaw fans:

And if you think watching Apple Macintosh lower case noise artistes may prove a tad boring after a while, there's even free form angst to keep things visceral:

And if that proves a bit taxing on your nerves, let your mind curl up in a foetal position to the strains of what reality sounds like, beneath its layers of colour and texture:

It's intimate, it's in remote, beautiful surroundings (with a breathtaking view), most likely full of delightful and gracious oddballs, is only NOK 300 (€34), and you can get your tickets here.

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