Rare or Unreleased 17: The Stones

The Rolling Stones: «Schoolboy Blues» (a.k.a. «Cocksucker Blues») [mp3]

A little Sunday tune to go with this day-after-the-night-before.

In 1970, the Rolling Stones formed their own record company, but were informed by label Decca that they still owed them one final single before the corporate pimps could cut them loose. So Mick Jagger and Keith Richards recorded this for the big wigs. Naturally, it wasn't the Glimmer Twins' fault that Decca could never release it…

The would-be single remained unreleased until 1983, when The Rest of the Best—a West German Stones compilation—appeared, with «Cocksucker Blues» as a bonus single.

Alas! the world wasn't ready. Four weeks later, that version of the Rest of the Best comp was discontinued.

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