Can You Take 12 Inches of Hate Rock?

350 copies only. Of the vinyl edition, that is. Of course, you could just download two of the three tracks for free (and legally) here:

HTRK: «Eat Yr Heart» [mp3, via Ghostly International]

HTRK: «Sweetheart» (Suicide cover) [mp3, via Ghostly International]


Producer Series #3: Hip Indie & Hip Hop

Toilet Guppies' team of DJs, writers and graphic designers is too busy with other things currently to put much effort into the blog, so here's another filler post to give you all something nice to put in your ears while you wait for us to come up with some bona fide rarities.

This is a comp compiling various tracks by miscellaneous artists guided by the expert hand of a superstar producer who first caught the greater public's ear as a hip hop conceptualist, but who's currently renowned for his '60s retro stylings, helping flesh out soulful and bluesy indie with his trademark instruments and arrangements. (No, it's not Mark Ronson.) His work spans said hip hop and indie to folk, punk disco, spaghetti Western and psychedelia, all of it dressed in his distinctive retro-futurist style.

I compiled this with my brother in my mind, who has an ear tremendously sensitive to sounds, levels, mixing, arrangements and rhythmic precision. He should be a producer, really (besides producing his own stuff). If you, too, have a keen ear revelling in sensuous aural delights, Toilet Guppies urges you to download the above sampler ASAP.