Timber Timbre, Coming Soon to a Berlin Near You

Gothic lumberjacks Timber Timbre have been whittled down from a trio to just the central singer-songwriter Taylor Kirk for a European tour that will take him and his eloquent tales of revenge and failed self-love to Berlin's Heimathafen on Tuesday, 27 March. Toilet Guppies caught him in Oslo, where the audience piped up with an unprecedented amount of shushing whenever a song started up, the likes of which this concert goer has never heard. Expect echoey quicksand guitar and a soulful vibrato croon, denuding the cinematic studio versions to bare bones creepiness, deceptively sexy. Rural music that reminds us of our roots in this urban spell. Country soul, gothic Americana and Sun Studios twang 'n' timbre unite in a bass drum stomping, guitar wrangling, vocal chord warbling essence of loneliness, bedecked in mean spirit and ill will.

So, Berlin, lay down your ketamine and minimal techno/lowest common denominator '80s gay bar hits for just one evening and treat yourself to some existential swamp soul. You need it. You really, really need it.