Rare or Unreleased 48: JSBX

… and Beck, Calvin Johnson, the Wu-Tang Clan and a Beastie Boy:

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: Selections from the «Experimental Remixes» EP [.zip]

Avant-blues hip-hop funk soul noise disco rarities from those who actually know what lustful horny passion and unhinged loss of control mean.

Mp3s from the Blues Explosion's out-of-print 1995 EP «Experimental Remixes», in support of breakthrough album (of sorts) Orange:

(Rambling hidden track tape collage, unfortunately mediocre remix by UNKLE and predictably mortifying remix by unsuitably sexless, anemic vegan finger pointing PC activist dick Moby not included.)


Never Mind Pink Floyd, Here's Peaches

Just when you lost faith in the only Peach with a hole in the middle, she comes up with something like this. Makes you want to resort to the word «rad», or «wicked». Even a one-woman rendition of Jesus Christ Superstar in its entirety (not to mention singing «Private Dancer», Pop Idol- or karaoke-stylee, in some melange of '80s nostalgia and hipster irony, with a group of old electropunk veterans at some restaurant opening in the trendiest of Berlin) seems like forgivable missteps with a definitive comeback such as this. Peaches rocks again… at the science fair!

Laser and oscillator—united at last!


Blonde Redhead in Oslo

Blonde Redhead: «Oslo»

Good news, Osloites: Blonde Redhead are coming to play on Wednesday 22 September, in support of new album Penny Sparkle, which drops on 13 September. Toilet Guppies has witnessed them play more times than it can remember (probably more often than any other artist). They never disappoint.

Here's a free download off the new record, courtesy of 4AD: