Rare or Unreleased 45: Jihad Jane & the 70 Virgins

Ofo The Black Company: «Allah Wakbarr» (Jihad Jane & the 70 Virgins remix) [mp3]

Toilet Guppies' resident music consultant, DJ Sheik Yerdixxx, has a past as mysterious as it is dubious, and who knows what unlikely and unsavoury connections one would find if one were to look into it. Some say he used to go clubbing in Kabul. Some say he recently deejayed in Dubai. We, for one, think it best not to ask questions. Especially after he emailed us this mp3, of unknown origins and hitherto not found on any of your common hipster music blogs. It would seem this is a Toilet Guppies exclusive!

About the track, Yerdix is of precious little help, providing absolutely no info about the mp3 or how or from whom he got it. But Googling the title, we came across a track on the compilation Nigeria 70: The Definitive Story of 1970s Funky Lagos—Ofo The Black Company's «Allah Wakbarr»—that appears to be the original. According to the mp3's ID3 tag, the remix has been done by a group or artist called «Jihad Jane & the 70 Virgins». We could find no MySpace or any other kind of page for said artist, nor any info whatsoever anywhere on the world wide interweb. Any help or details would be much appreciated. (Please feel free to leave a comment below.) We only know that Yerdix is not computer literate enough to remix anything, let alone something as boombasstic as this garage break beat floor killer, so it's not him. Perhaps he brought it back from clubbing in Beirut, or Dublin or Philadelphia

It has been suggested that perhaps a renowned DJ is behind the remix, like Pilooski, the Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, Moby or some such, hiding behind a pseudonym to deflect any controversy from their own brand. Or maybe it's one of those viral marketing campaigns leaked onto unsuspecting blogs. Who knows?

And who cares, as the track absolutely rocks the kasbah. Islam never sounded this compelling! We just hope it's not a call to jihad, as this certainly stirs up a lot of irrepressible energy in those listening to it. May it be channelled in a sexual rather than violent direction, insha'Allah. The «70 Virgins» part of the remixer's moniker certainly suggests a more amorous approach than your average al-Qaida/Taliban/Hamas/Hezbollah/PLO strategy (although the «Love is you, love is me!» chorus of Ofo The Black Company's original has been omitted in the remix)…

Whatever the case, enjoy. God is great!

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