A Music Video You'd Never See on MTV

These days, the world of music often seems indistinguishable from the world of ads & commercials. (Thank you, Andy Warhol!) And when you realise that by far most people not only willingly accept, but actually embrace flashy music videos and their cynically assembled pop hooks as expressions of real human emotions other than greed (combined with a pathetic need for validation), aren't you filled with bottomless sadness? Perhaps solipsism, even, as you come to realise you are surrounded by gullible automaton consumers capable only of mimicking the feelings portrayed on so many sitcoms and rom-coms, not only «feeling» but perhaps even dancing and singing along to what some big cheese fat cat with a cigar commissioned from his media whorebeasts, the spiritual force of music reduced to, you know, like, hairdos and stuff?

So refreshing, then, to stumble upon a music video such as this, obviously not put together to push a name or brand, but rather an idea. This music video, unlike almost all others of its kind, doesn't say «Adore me—and give me your cash while you're at it,» but is rather a spit in your face. It's a bad smell reminder, like a dog having its snout forced near its own poo by an angry master eager to house train, of what people and society basically amount to:

What are you going to do—turn your snout up at your master, with eyes that say «It wasn't me»? This one's undeniable. Which is another word for «truth». Maybe someone should introduce the concept to Lady GaGa or Fever Ray or whoever...

(Oh, and by the way, the song is «Orphans» by Lydia Lunch's Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, and is from 1978. Puts the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and their hyped hipster retro-cast-as-innovation fashion scenester ilk into perspective, 32 years(!) on, wouldn't you say?)

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