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Larkin Grimm: Live at the Knitting Factory [.zip]

Following hot on the heels of posts with music by terror-deploying Jihad Jane & the 70 Virgins, then the merciless moral assault of Lydia Lunch, here's music from another incarnation of fierce femininity, «compassionate destroyer» Larkin Grimm—the singer with the most wondrous and frightening mouth anyone's ever likely to behold, wherein existences and entire universes spiral and intertwine as they're created and destroyed, at whim & will. A dark and echo-laden cave of a mouth that could probably gobble you up in one fell, delightfully annihilating swoop, crushing all the illusory associations connecting the thoughts that together make up you between its grinding teeth, before passing you through the bowels of some sort of wild Heaven until you come out the other end—soiled, confused and happy!

Forgive me, yet again I digress. Today's post gives you an edited version of a live recording of Grimm's late 2009 performance at New York's Knitting Factory, backed by a band that sports Berlin-era Iggy Pop and David Bowie producer Tony Visconti. The concert showcases six songs that have yet to see official release on a studio album, and if it gives a glimpse into what we might expect from possibly the best songwriter of the new decade later in the year, 2010 is going to be well good in terms of art. Just have a listen to «Pool of Milk».

I've nothing else to say. Listen to the music already.

(Here's the tracklist. For your listening convenience, I've edited out tuning and banter, leaving just the music:)

  1. Paradise
  2. Blond and Golden Johns
  3. Pool of Milk
  4. Paved with Leaves
  5. Flash and Thunder
  6. The Butcher
  7. Dirty Mind
  8. The Burglar

[Download a higher resolution, unedited recording of the entire gig for free over at the NYC Taper blog, the kind people who recorded the concert and graciously made it available to us all.]

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