Mp3 Killed the Vinyl DJ 7: David Pajo

Papa M: «Orange World» [mp3]

When you've insomnia even in your dreams, you know it's time to put a lullaby on yer stereo. And what better lullaby than a song that's already dreaming, its sleepy voice guiding you through a beautiful, apocalyptic cityscape that exists uniquely in a mind, untouchable and unknowable to the rest of the universe, until the voice's drowsy monotony makes you drift away before the words have even finished? This soothing song by Papa M a/k/a David Pajo makes you feel safe in its arms. No harm ever came from the same place as this voice. Perfect if you need to catch up on your shuteye. Just come to Papa…

This unassuming, unknown little gem is from an out-of-print vinyl-only Tiger Style 7" split with Entrance, the other side of which you can download here.

Sweet dreams.

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