Rare or Unreleased 8: Rodrigo Amarante

Rodrigo Amarante: «Diamond Eyes» [mp3]

Staying with the Brazilian theme on this here blog, here's a great track for lazy Sunday listening on one of those Spring days, with the bright yet cold light spreading across the pale blue sky and penetrating the chill air, confusing your body as to whether it's warm or cold…

Not that I know what the hell that's got to do with anything. (The bullshit I'm capable of!) Anyway, Devendra Banhart's sumptuous Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon featured a gorgeously melancholy duet («Rosa») with one Rodrigo Amarante. Then, on a Banhart-curated compilation CD that came with a 2007-issue of UK music magazine «Uncut» (titled Love Above All), Amarante got the spotlight all to himself with this tender and understated song, true to what seems (probably romantically, stereotypically and unfairly of me) to be a Brazilian appreciation of subtlety, free of the adolescently indulgent lyrics or overly emotive delivery so typical of a lot of American and European popular music.

Anyway, this home recording is terribly sweet. In a good way.

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