Net Nuggets 3: Flight Of The Conchords

Flight Of The Conchords: «Live & Radio» EP [.zip]

One of the funniest Flight Of The Conchords tracks, the song «Jenny» never made it into the duo's sitcom or onto any of their CD/mp3 releases, so here it is, along with some other unreleased, funnybone-tickling moments found on the Internet. Some renditions are arguably funnier than the studio versions featured in their series, and the set-ups, of course, are priceless.

So, while we're waiting for the European release of the second season of their Curb Your Enthusiasm-meets-The Muppet Show sitcom musical, here's something to tide us over:
1. Bowie (live at Australia World Comedy)
2. Jenny (live on HBO One Night Stand)
3. Issues (live banter)
4. Business Time (live on HBO One Night Stand)
5. Something Special for the Ladies (aka Ladies of the World) (NPR version)
6. Think About It (NPR version)
Oh, and check out this new Flight Of The Conchords sure shot:

... But which is funnier?

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