Rare or Unreleased 5: Nels Cline & Thurston Moore

Nels Cline & Thurston Moore: «Neo-Shirelle» [mp3]

In 1996—long before he started recording for Starbucks with his day band Sonic Youth—Thurston Moore teamed up with jazz-noise guitarist Nels Cline to improvise their beautiful duet for dream-inducing electric guitars, the under-appreciated Pillow Wand, apparently put to tape all in one day. As if that weren't impressive enough, that same evening they went out and played an equally improvised show at some record shop, which was duly recorded and released as In-store later that year.

That live CD is no longer anywhere to be found, but here's a snippet from the continuous 46-minute instrumental piece that I take to be the high point of the performance. (Trust me, the complete three-quarters-of-an-hour gets a bit much.)

For more of the same, you can buy the sublime Pillow Wand here.

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