Babe, I'm on Fire, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Lamp

Ah, Spring!

Being a human is to experience a series of states of mind over which you have no control and that, when you stop and think about it, make no sense whatsoever. One text message with some choice words from the right long-haired specimen and suddenly you're dancing in the dark end of the street, full of doomed but deliciously ecstatic longing, as if trapped in some '90s Hal Hartley flick:

Not that I'm in love (as if I were capable of such fuzzy warmth and goodwill!), but I'm positively agog with excitement, due to a felicitous combination of longing, attraction, wishful thinking and that divine, omnipresent and treacherous LIFE FORCE—you know, that barely contained undercurrent of rapturous energy that recklessly sacrifices truth on the altar of the survival instinct, with no purpose other than endless perpetuation, purely for the sake of it, making you want to... well, procreate, even as the biology of it all is challenged by giddy ideas of your and the long-haired vixen's minds bathing in each other's untouchable, invisible and ineffable energy-somethings—and possibly even connecting.

Ah, sweet illusion! Welcome back, old friend. It took me a while, but now I understand: No one can tell you a lie quite like yourself. (If you want something done right, you'd best do it yourself!) And no one serves as a canvas on which to project your wishful thinking quite like a new acquaintance...

Now, Buddhists say you can't go on freeloading on Desire for the rest of your life, keeping afloat on lust and devotion forever. But for now, to Hell with that! I know from the download stats that the people who visit this blog prefer the positive stuff—the existential lies we like to tell ourselves—so let me take this opportunity—this moment sandwiched between the full-fledged hormonal delusion I can feel about to flare up, and the reality that'll surely come crashing down in the end—to share with you the boost of dopamine and serotonin levels in my addled brain by uploading a little playlist to celebrate the natural high of the truth-be-damned joy that we call love—or (as Sir Blackadder so exhaustively referred to it) rumpy-pumpy:
I LOVE LAMP! [.zip]

1. Vetiver—Been so Long (Toilet dubby pick'n'mix)
2. Spiritualized—I Think I'm in Love (Guppy edit)
3. The Brian Jonestown Massacre—Love
4. Kings Of Leon—Dusty
5. The Magnetic Fields—A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off
6. Flight Of The Conchords—If You're into It
7. Animal Collective—The Purple Bottle (7" mix)
8. Beck—Think I'm in Love
9. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds—Babe, I'm on Fire (Toilet Guppies choice edit)
10. tindersticks—CF GF
11. The Afghan Whigs—If I Only Had a Heart
12. Marlene Dietrich—Illusions
[Download disabled.]

In keeping with trying to post mostly songs that are unavailable commercially, I have included rare tracks, like the original 7" version of «Purple Bottle»—which had to be discontinued due to Animal Collective scandalously paying tribute to Stevie Wonder by attempting to quote one of his copyrighted songs—and the Afghan Whigs' hotel lounge rendition of Wizard of Oz classic «If I Only Had a Heart». I've even slapped together a couple or so «exclusive» Toilet Guppy mixes and edits of love song classics! (Forget Shakespearean sonnets; Spiritualized's «I Think I'm in Love» is the only lyric about being in love that you'll ever need to hear; all the rest is perfectly superfluous... although Nick Cave's «Babe, I'm on Fire» is a hoot.)

So, put this audiolove in your ears as you go outside, the ubiquitous bloom of Springtime working wonders on your biology as the sun melts your stone cold heart!
The hairy arachnophobic says it
The scary agoraphobic says it
The mother, the brother
And the decomposing lover says
Babe, I'm on fire
Babe, I'm on fire

I love lamp!

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