Net Nuggets 27: Found Atlas Sound

A while back, I put together a compilation of tracks by Bradford Cox, culled from the extensive collection of free mp3s over at his generous Deerhunter/Atlas Sound blog. Here's a second installment, of more recent material—home recordings that blur the distinctions between electronica, ambient and indie rock. For the most part, this collection is conspicuously (delightfully!) free of the angst that—unfortunately for Cox, one assumes—permeated much of the material he wrote and performed when younger. But this little mini-collection proves that lightness needn't be insipid or boring, or a cop-out. Apart perhaps from «Time Warp», this is the buoyant sound of nothing weighing you, no one holding you down. (Maybe even someone raising you up, Josh Groban stylee.) Truly, enjoy:

  1. Springtime Instrumental
    (B-side of virtual 7" no. 8: «Time Warp»)
  2. Solo, or «The Square»
    (A-side of virtual 7" no. 7: «Solo, or «The Square»»)
  3. Maybe Logic
    (A-side of virtual 7" no. 6: «
    Maybe Logic»)
  4. Balcony
    (B-side of virtual 7" no. 4:
    «Amsterdam MIDI»)
  5. Galaxy Cruisers (for Animal Collective)
  6. Guitar 1 (Bitchfest 08)
  7. Time Warp
    A-side of virtual 7" no. 8: «Time Warp»)
  8. Christmas Synths
  9. Memorial Corridor
    (B-side of virtual 7" no. 7: «
    Solo, or «The Square»»)
  10. Doctor
    (A-side of virtual 7" no. 9: «
All songs credited to Atlas Sound.
That Cox has chosen to make these tracks available for free warrants gratitude and humility. The man possesses rare integrity. His latest album, Logos (under the moniker Atlas Sound) is out now on 4AD in Europe and Kranky in North America. Do the man—and yourself—a favour.

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