Net Nuggets 15: Bradford Cox Rocks!

In addition to writing and recording standard CD releases for band Deerhunter and solo project Atlas Sound, Bradford Cox records mp3s at home or on tour to share on his blog, for free. 131 of them to date, to be exact. Now that's generosity for you.

The remarkable thing—in addition to the generosity—is the high quality of this large quantity. A multi-instrumentalist master of the bedroom overdub, Cox has grasped that studio high fidelity is merely a convention that has outlived its Realist origins, and so makes demos like already perfect pearls, casting them out there and leaving it up to you to be a swine or not.

This primer I've compiled collects recordings made from 2006 until sometime in 2008. Cox still posts an occasional demo on his blog, but his technical proficiency has improved by now to the point where they sound like studio recordings. So, this first instalment features earlier, rougher recordings, their scruffy sound conserving the raw energy of new ideas, before they're over-thought.

The comp below is just a dip in the ocean; 117 more mp3s of time-consuming downloading await you at http://www.deerhuntertheband.blogspot.com/. (Those with lives should just head on over to 4AD or Kranky Records and fork out handfuls of cash for some good old compact discs.)

  1. You're so Fine
    (from «Altitude Sickness»)
  2. Remembered By (remastered)
  3. How Do I Look?
    (from «The Brian Foote EP»)
  4. Fluorescent Grey
    Fluorescent Grey Demos & Out-takes)
  5. Dr. Glass
    Fluorescent Grey Demos & Out-takes)
  6. Activation
    (from «Orange Ohms Glow»)
  7. Headphones
    Stereogum Presents Enjoyed: A Tribute to Björk's Post)
  8. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (original mix)
  9. Children's Hospital (Screaming in the Face of Death #2)
    (from «Healing Music (for Madeline)»)
  10. Tired Congregation
  11. April 13 (MySpace edit)
  12. Calvary Scars...
  13. Oliver
  14. Monochromatic
  15. Dog Years
    (from «Ghetto Cross» 7")
  16. Acrylics
    How I Escaped the Prison of Fractals)
1-3, 6-11, 13-14 & 16 credited to Atlas Sound.
4-5 & 12 credited to Deerhunter.
15 credited to Ghetto Cross (Bradford Cox & Cole Alexander).

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