Net Nuggets 23: Animal Collective

[It all started so auspiciously, with life affirming rarities by the ever-ebullient Jorge Ben, but Toilet Guppies has since strayed and turned into a bit of a downer blog. So for today's post I've decided to put the «manic» back into «manic-depressive.» You're welcome!]

Animal Collective: «The Purple Bottle» versions [.zip]
  • The Purple Bottle (Stevie Wonder mix)
  • The Purple Bottle (acoustic live version)
In 2005, Animal Collective released one of those rare albums of perfection, consistently warm and touching from start to finish, Feels. One of the more up-tempo tracks—«The Purple Bottle»—originally contained Avey Tare singing a reference to the not-so-perfect yuppie stalker's anthem, «I Just Called to Say I Love You» by Stevie Wonder (real name Stevland(!) Hardaway Judkins). But the copyright gods wouldn't have it, so the collective released this particular mix of the song on a 7" only, limiting the run to 500 copies. The album contains an alternate, censored version, with no respect paid to outta sight Stevie. Who wants to be paid tribute to, I suppose, when they could be paid royalties?

While promoting Feels in Europe, parts of the 2005 AC line-up (Avey Tare and former múm frontwoman Doctess) performed some of the songs on French radio station Planet Claire. The stripped down version of «The Purple Bottle»—complete with any reference to one of the cheesiest songs from that cheesiest of decades excised—is intense, as I advise you to witness for yourself:

Enjoy the mania!

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