Rare or Unreleased 22: Tropicália

Apparently, artists don't enjoy the public freely sharing their work, so before I've cheated the people enriching my life of more than just half a sandwich and the Internet hordes come a-lootin' an' a-downloadin', I'm removing all the stuff you could just as well buy on mp3 or CD from someone who doesn't ask an extortionate price on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or some other secondhand bazaar…

A while back I posted a couple of sprawling rants about Tropicália, with a primer of its music sprinkled with a few rare gems here and there. Here are the rarities from those compilations, for those who didn't get them the first time (everyone should hear «Prá chatear» at least once):


1. Ronnie Von & Caetano Veloso: «Prá chatear»
(Get song info here.)
2. Tom Zé & os Versáteis: «Parque industrial»
(Song info here.)
3. Nara Leão: «Mamãe, coragem»
(Song info here.)
4. Claudette Soares: «Deus vos salve esta casa santa»
(Song info here.)
5. Caetano Veloso & os Mutantes: «É proibido proibir»
(Song info here.)
6. Caetano Veloso: «The Empty Boat» (TG 25% stereo mix)
(Song info here.)

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  1. Olá! At first, I would like to be thankful for the musical rarities available and the lessons of Tropicália given here in blog. I am developing in the college a monograph on the general subject of "the present time of the Tropicália according to optics of the media internacional" (as the Brazilian movement it´s seen today in the exterior). In second place, i would like to know as you obtained theoretical basement to speak with as much property on the subject exactly not understanding Portuguese. And finally, I would like to ask for excuses for my bad English (I understand basic of English or almost that). At last, congratulations for this work of rescue. Until more. Marlon Maciel (marlon.maciel1@gmail.com)