Net Nuggets 12: Tonite, Live in Oslo—the Dodos!

The Dodos: Daytrotter Sessions [.zip]

Daytrotter takes the old radio session concept to the Internet, generously making various indie bands' exclusive promo recordings available as free mp3s on its website. A lot of it's the same old college-folk insignificance, but every once in a while a superb act stops by their studio, sometimes even twice. Like the Dodos, who happen to be playing in Oslo tonight!

So if you're not sure whether you should make the minimal effort of dragging your arse down to Revolver in order to check the band out (for a mere 130 kroner), dispel your doubts by having a listen to the Dodos' two live-without-an-audience Daytrotter sessions, with songs from both Beware of the Maniacs and last year's Visiter. (I especially recommend «Horny Hippies» and the slow rendition of «The Ball»:)
  1. Jodi
  2. Paint the Rust
  3. Men
  4. Horny Hippies
  5. Undeclared
  6. Red and Purple
  7. Eyelids
  8. The Ball
  9. It's That Time Again

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