Toilet Guppies Tries to Connect with People via Mixtapes, No. 2: Banjo Madness!

Marty Trix—one half of the DJ duo with the indisputably wickedest wigs in all of western Norway, I'll Buy You A Husband To Match Your Earrings—has bought a banjo!

In celebration of this event, and as a further encouragement to Old Trixie, Toilet Guppies would like to extend to her—and to anyone else who might care for a helping of music featuring one of the most ridiculed instruments in world history—a collection of prime cuts employing the infamous guitar-drum-thingamajig. There's folk, psychedelia, Americana, experimental rock, blues, singer-songwriter balladry, medicine show music and a piece from a soundtrack score. And no, the latter is not from Deliverance. Let's put a stop to the rumour that the banjo is an instrument played predominantly by inbred, toothless, sadist homosex offenders in the rural outskirts right now.

Still… because it's such a stellar scene, what the heck:

Toilet Guppies will be back with more compilations dedicated to defending our most maligned musical instruments at a later date: the accordion, the fiddle, bagpipes, perhaps the pan flute… hell, maybe even the recorder! (I bet you'll be watching this space now…)

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