Rare or Unreleased 52: Ak/Fam

In 2006, Seth Olinsky, singer-guitarist in Akron/Family, released a homespun solo album called Best of Seth, which was not only his first ever solo release but also a triple CD. The voluminous debut of greatest hits includes what could perhaps be called demos for songs given the full Akron/Family band treatment on the Angels Of Light/Akron/Family split CD («Raising the Sparks») and Meek Warrior («Meek Warrior», «No Space in This Realm», «Love and Space»). Olinsky's first and only solo album has since gone out of print.

Of course, two hours and 43 minutes of out-of-tune hippie whimsy can be a bit much. A man can only stand so much Dzogchen Buddhist imagery backed by campfire strumming, front porch banjo picking, strained singing, mystical drones, kitchen sink electronica and the recorder. Toilet Guppies is proud, therefore, to present the best of Best of Seth—a one-stop volume of delights and highlights. And if the above didn't come across as a particularly glowing blurb, if you like your music with a spiritual quotient—and by «spiritual» I don't just mean sincerely emotional, but curious, inquisitive and downright soteriological about this life business and all the big mysteries that come with it—give this comp a whirl. It's beautiful:

  1. The Littlest Horse
  2. Meek Warrior
  3. If on the Path
  4. Raising the Sparks
  5. Dirt Road Cloud of Light
  6. I've Had Enough
  7. Space/Love→Space Is Love
  8. Lord Open My Heart (a/k/a Love and Space)
  9. Rinpoche Said
  10. Noah
  11. What Point Has Come
  12. No Space in This Realm
  13. Sun Goes Down
  14. Death Sparrow Blues
  15. World of Difference
  16. Ghost of Katie
  17. Saddest Turtle

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  1. AH! could you please send me a link to this?! it would be much much much much appreciated and loved, truly honored.