Mp3 Killed the Vinyl DJ 9: Larkin Grimm

Larkin Grimm & Rosolina Mar: 7" double A-side [.zip]

I thought this blog would be inactive by now. The plan was to upload everything I had that was rare, then kill the blog dead, leave it to the scavengers of the Internet. Alas, it's 2011 and I'm on it again, still. Sorry. I've been lazy, I know… slow at uploading what remains of bona fide rarities on my computer.

These two obscure A-sides, for example. It's because they're in vinyl. I hate vinyl, and I hate transferring it, so I've been putting it off. It's all too technical and time-consuming. I've not bothered to restore the sound. If vinyl is so fucking great and superior in sound, one shouldn't have to restore it… But you can't take your record player and vinyl collection with you everywhere you go, so here are 192 kbps mp3s for your listening convenience, crackle and all: two songs performed by the venerable Larkin Grimm, backed for the occasion by Italian trio Rosolina Mar.

The first track, «Los Angeles», is a cover of an Old Time Relijun song. You've never heard Grimm this rock'n'roll. (Larkin goes electric!) The second is an alternate version of Grimm's own «Anger in Your Liver». The Rosolina Mar-backed rendition actually beats the album version on Grimm's Parplar (itself one of thee albums of the noughties). It's a good'un, Rosolina Mar's spacious Americana backing taking you on a road movie through your immune system, as Grimm diagnoses you: «Trouble in your heart / Worry in your spleen / Anger in your liver, darlin' / Metal in your lungs». Still, Grimm's confident, almost triumphant (and certainly gorgeous) singing makes you think you'll be all right…

The real gem, however, is the B-side, the only proper studio recording of one of Grimm's most accomplished compositions, «The Butcher». The reason I haven't included it here, is that I'm not in the habit of stealing food out of the mouths of starving babes—the very same recording is available on the various artists compilation Leaves of Life, proceeds of which go to the World Food Programme, available on CD or as mp3s, sold separately. Get it now, you freeloading downloader; as well as the aforementioned must from Grimm & Rosolina Mar, it's got contributions by Devendra Banhart, Marissa Nadler and one of the members of Fire On Fire, one of Young God Records' house bands (kind of), which features heavily on the aforementioned Parplar. Speaking of which, go buy that album, too.

When writing about anything pertaining to Larkin Grimm—one of the best things to happen to music since banging rocks together—I tend to gush transcendental. Forgive me if I can't be bothered this time. Just listen to the music already.

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