Mp3 Killed the Vinyl DJ 14: Hate Rock

A long time ago, Toilet Guppies posted a vinyl rip of «ksext», a menacingly sultry instrumental off Hate Rock's split 10" with Duke Garwood, Keep Mother, vol. 6. The levels on the rip, however, were a bit high (though not more in the red than on the vinyl release), so Toilet Guppies has ripped it anew. No need to have listeners startle every time the song comes on.

Desire is a necessarily unfulfilled state, requiring as it does something not yet had. As such there's a certain unhappiness to sex. A current of dissatisfaction—perhaps despair, bitterness or contempt even—that still carries within it a twinkling hope of fulfilment, even as it makes that fulfilment an impossibility.

This is as close as I can get to describing the emotional space that Hate Rock creates. Lust and dejection in equal measure. Hate Rock negate what they create. Or you could say they negate such a negation. (It's a chicken-and-the-egg type situation, whether the lust is sabotaged by despondency or despondency's alleviated by lust.)

Be that as it may, whether you've got a lust for life or a death wish, this music shows the interconnectedness of the two, giving you a reason to stay if you've got the latter, a dose of reality if you're feeling the former. Pleasure and loneliness, this is masturbation music.

Did I mention damn sexy?

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