Doctor, Doctor!

Toilet Guppies' dear friend and very own GP recently had a little setback. He's almost a fully licensed doctor, so he can take care of himself, whether through treatment, self-medication or just the fact that soon he'll be filthy, stinking rich and stalked by gold diggers and hot, lonely women who've read one romance novel too many. Still, a little pep talk never hurt anybody. Here, then, is Toilet Guppies' ode to a very good friend and the best doctor no money can buy—a compilation of catchy ditties and comedy routines about doctors, patients, ailments, surgery and, er, pharmacy

So, if you're a doctor, nurse or just plain sick, go no further. In the immortal words of Dr. Nick Riviera:
The kneebone's connected to the… something
The something's connected to the… red thing
The red thing's connected to my… wrist watch
Uh oh!

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