Net Nuggets 37: Vile Promotion

Kurt Vile: Vile Promotion [.zip]

There are ten tracks on Kurt Vile's new album, Smoke Ring for My Halo, out today. Five of them are great.

That's a respectable 24 minutes and 20 seconds out of a total 45 minutes and 48 seconds of uncomplicated music for complicated emotions. Unpretentious down home classic rock feel, perfect for Sundays. Swirling acoustic melodies with odd drips of cocoon noise psychedelia to fully secure the introversion of compositions penned by a guy who does for serious heterosexual males with periodic bouts of social phobia and/or disabling misanthropy what Blondie or Joan Jett did for girls who just wanna have fun and who have to ask, «What does 'misanthropy' mean?»

So, if you're full of sadness and frustration as brought on by friends, lovers and other enemies, get Smoke Ring for My Halo now. As the man sings on the album opener, «I will never, ever, ever be alone / 'cuz it's all in my baby's hands… / I get sick of just about everyone / and I hide in my baby's arms / 'Cuz except for her, you know / as I've implied…»—be that «baby» drink, drugs, work, a hobby… or music, such as, say, the songs on Smoke Ring for My Halo. Hey, whatever gets you through the day.

If you're a cheap Charlie and need even more coaxing before parting with cash for Vile's new record, here's a little compilation of various more or less recent Internet radio & TV recordings of the troubadour plugging this and his previous album (the equally worthwhile Childish Prodigy)—though I'd go with the official studio releases, if I were you:
  1. On Tour
  2. Jesus Fever
  3. Amplifier (a/k/a You Was Alone)
  4. The Hunchback
  5. Overnite Religion
  6. He's Alright
  7. Dead Alive
  8. Red Apples
  9. Runner Ups
  10. Ghost Town (a/k/a Sad Ghost)
  11. In My Time
1, 2, 9 & 10 with the Violators, live on Pitchfork's Don't Look Down
3 & 6 with the Violators, live on WXPN's Free At Noon
4, 5 & 7 live on QTV (4 & 5 with Robert Robinson)
8 & 11 live on WFMU's Best Show
Happy International Women's Day, by the way:

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