Mixtape for a 25 Year Old's 29th Birthday

Mixtapes… the nerd's favoured method of seduction and surely the most awkward form of communication between lovers, next to the lazy and unfair question, «What are you thinking?»

But then I knew you loved music. And now, every once in a while, I hear music I think would've tickled your bubbly and contagious fancy. Stuff you never got to dig. Here's some of it:

There's your beloved wild style delinquent juvenile rockabilly 'tudesilly lyricsvitriolic lyricssing-along melodies… wretched fuzz scuzz… kitsch psych & '70s riffsgo-go syncopation… rugged male voices… sultry female voicesChris-Isaak-making-sandy-love-to-Helena-Christensen style surf lounge guitarhead bobbing rhythms… at least one hippie punk Manson Family reference… the odd pop hook—even a soft hearted ballad. (You weren't fooling anyone, with your stinging wit and feisty opinions.) There are some of your trusty heroes—the boys and girls who fired your imagination (amongst other things)—and some songs and artists you'd never heard… A couple of your favourite melodies, in new renditions… A couple of songs that, quite frankly, make for guilty pleasures for me—but then you always recommended not being guilty about any kind of pleasure.

This comp encapsulates the joy you taught: It's OK to have fun, your mind doesn't have to be switched on all the fucking time, and happiness is allowed. So, with these insignificant little songs old memories stay alive, even when the songs are new. They invoke instant images, questions («What would you have made of this?») and the old in-jokes, so in now that only I am still in on them.

You're not all gone, then. Let's celebrate the day you came in to the world. Chin-chin…

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