The Glorious Return of the Male Appendage

Never before has a cultural product featured so many… well, not even phalli, just out-and-out penises, really, whilst not being gay. (They even say so, in writing, in the music video: «Im not a gay».) Seriously. I don't think these people are closet homosexuals. Possibly not even the least bit «bi-curious» (not even for fashion, or for cool's sake). They're probably making a wryly ironic political statement, though. But still… THE PENIS IS BACK! It makes a grown man shed a brave tear. Sure, it's the lone drop of pre-cum at the tip of my head, but a tear it is, nevertheless:

Possibly more glorious than even the peni, is Yo-Landi Vi$$er's white-and-red rat suit—or the gold lamé tights worn by the dancers. Everything you could possibly ever want, is in this marketing product for the exciting new band, Die Antwoord.

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