Rare or Unreleased 33: Kap! Bam! Pow!

If you heard Kap Bambino in Norway, chances are you heard them at Upopulær! first—the now defunct Oslo club night that's probably the only rave for drunks the world has ever seen. And in 2007 they managed to get the French electro duo to come play the most morally restrictive capital in the western world. By now Kap Bambino is the toast of the electro blog world.

When W + M, the team behind Upopulær!, got the creeping suspicion they were repeating themselves, they did the only honourable thing and relegated the night to the fickle waste bin of fashion history, leaving a vacuum in an already vacuous city. But finally they're back!

Not that they're rehashing old triumphs. Along with a few other reprobates, they're about to bring to the people of Oslo some much needed sexedelic electroburlesque—a new club night of hedonistic decadence in the heart of puritanism!

Kap Bambino won't be coming, but Toilet Guppies' music consultant and affiliate DJ, Sheik Yerdix is, and most likely he'll be playing something by them. According to him, whenever he hears their Nintendo noise he's reminded of
these 4 hong kong meth hedz . there only hobby, other then locking themselves in for days on end playing video games high on speed , was to collect hello kitty stuff. til one day they started tortureing a waitress friend. for a month. when one of the speedfreaks, a 14 year old girl at the time , complained to police that she was haunted by there victims Ghost,the cops found the poor waitresses skull in one off there hello kitty dolls.
kap bam must be what the inside of those peoples heads sounded like ..
Sheik Yerdix also says:
neutral is kap bams third e.p. it was released in 2005 and is out off print . before this there c.d.'s where mostly instrumental tracks, like nintendo and atari 8-bit shit. but with neutral khima france a.k.a caroline martial started shouting on top of backing tracks that r really like crazy and shit. its not nostalgia for the 80's like bitpop and chiptune. this isnt for nerds. this is sick and twisted psych-fucked dada punk with all the wacky sex and rage you can take. neutral isnt computer game music for kidz . its internet porn after 5 days on crack ! not a good idea but great music!!! if ignorance is bliss then the people dancing out off joy r suckerz! take ur loneliness and ur sorrow and channel em into rage ! then dance it out off ur system!!!!!!
  1. Neutral
  2. Sdds
  3. Insane Driver
  4. Enhate
  5. Follow Me
  6. Riddim of Madness
You heard the man: If you do anything this winter, come to the only club night in northern Europe that sidesteps both naïve innocence and jaded irony. No sarcasm or nostalgia here; just cheap thrills and divine catharsis. Come see London's Femme Ferale (a burlesque duo with little respect for retro conventions), the literally colourful (and frequently nude!) mess that is electro trio Team Plastique's show, and porn VJing courtesy of VJ Romvæsn and the mighty louche that is Sheik Yerdix. Hell, yes:

Remember, remember
the 28th of November!
@ Sjokoladefabrikken, Oslo
Malmøgata 5
Doors open 22:00
NOK 100,-, RSVP Facebook

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