Will the Real Toilet Guppy Please Flush?

After a mishap here at Toilet Guppies HQ, the blog's being put on hold. Indefinitely. All rarities to be posted for your elitist fancy seem to have been lost in one epic computer belly-up.

But don't assume Toilet Guppies is dead just yet. Throughout the recent ordeal, one story has kept this particular toilet guppy afloat—an improbable, yet nonetheless inspirational news item published in the Telegraph back in August:

It seems a goldfish was found in a sewage plant, alive and well after an attempted murder (by flushing). Yet the indomitable goldfishbowl-fish survived not only the assassination attempt, but also the long and no doubt hazardous journey through the merciless habitat that is the plumbing coming out of Glasgow.

The name of the intrepid goldfish? Pooh—not only a fitting name (considering), but also the nick rudely thrust upon me by those among my friends who make my enemies feel so unnecessary. And as Pooh the Goldfish, so shall I refuse to succumb to my misfortunes!

However, should events ever conspire to delete all the 80-odd gigabytes of mp3s in your bloated music collection, with all your CDs, tapes and vinyl in storage 520 kilometres to the north, leaving only one physical album in your desperately clutching hands, then let that CD be Kurt Vile's Childish Prodigy, just out on Matador Records. (Although if you buy the album through iTunes or eMusic you'll get a bonus track («Take Your Time» or «Farfisa in Falltime», respectively) that Matador won't give you if you buy the CD from their store.)

See you round the goldfishbowl…

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