Net Nuggets 6: Indie Rock in Spring

Kurt Vile: «Classic Rock in Spring» (live on WFMU) [mp3]
Hey, how are ya
Ya sure got a way of greetin' a man
Might I add the perfect suntan
You're ridin' on yer yellow Schwinn
I'm blastin' classic rawk in spring
A couple o' summer demons
With battery rechargin'
When ya hear that Bob Seger song
Ya know I'll be looong gone
Cuttin' all my classes
Like a hit of acid
And hey, how are ya?
Kurt Vile of War On Drugs plays DIY, home rec shoegazing stuff that's quite great. But sometimes he relies on just his voice and fingers, as on this recording, made for heroic radio station WFMU. Check out the other (freely downloadable) songs from this session here; it's ideal for Sunday listening in spring…

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