The Turner Music Prize 2007, vol. 2

Now, I'm perfectly aware what a bring-down this blog can be, but I'm more than making up for it by including El Guincho's «Palmitos Park» on volume two of the 2007 revisit. It's like sowing a seed that can only blossom into something good—a source of life to which anything else may attach and go along for the ride. (Anything!) So here you are, my sweet little parasites; 2007 wasn't all balls-to-the-walls rock and electro—there were some life affirmin' ditties and a couple of big choruses, as well:

TURNER MUSIC PRIZE 2007, Vol. 2 [.zip file]
[Download disabled.]

1. Beck: «Timebomb»
All of a sudden, Beck sprang this one-off single on us. What a tease. Now, go suck your headphone.
From «Timebomb» digital single

2. The Duloks: «Boom! Boom! (Mormon’ Lovin’ Momma)»
Everything about this song is right: the drum programming, the organ, the production, the duration, the lyrics, the attitude—just the title, fercryinoutloud!
From «Star Trail»/«Boom Boom» 7”

3. King Khan & His Shrines: «Welfare Bread»
Khan is king, but who woulda thunk he could sing so tenderly?
«Watching the hours go by / While she's beating her flowers / Out in the tears in her eyes.» I don't pretend to know what the hell that's supposed to mean, but it sounds good…
From What Is?!

4. The Hives: «Well All Right!»
Screamin’ Pelle’s demented laughs set to Pharrell's production, this is one of those songs that make you want to clap your hands and holler'n'scream along. The taunt about «trying to grow a beard but you still look cute» alone is worth the price of admission.
From The Black and White Album

5. Panda Bear: «Bro's»
This song gives sunshine pop a good name. Makes you want to
stretch out on the grass and enjoy your good health, even if (and especially when) that’s all you’ve got. Good thing the track goes on for so long, then.
From Person Pitch

6. High Places: «Head Spins»
India imagined by Brooklynites.
From «Head Spins» 7"

7. El Guincho: «Palmitos Park»
Jumpin' Judy, is this an infectious track! Makes my brain bounce and body throb.
From Alegranza!

8. Manitoba: «Melody Day»
For an old punk, Pencil Dick Manitoba sure knows how to craft exquisite sunshine psychedelia…
From Andorra

9. Klaxons: «Golden Skans»
OK, so I'm pushing it a bit by including this one. Still, never before have backing vocals etched themselves onto your brain like this.
From Myths of the Near Future

10. MGMT: «Time to Pretend»
The poppy party anthem to end them all, MGMT have understood the only interesting incentive behind partying—viz. escaping from lasting, continued existence into the moment—although their brand of empathy (if one can call it that) is mercilessly satirical (and maybe a
little hypocritical, or at least envious). Still, I can't help but picture the ironic image of a dance floor full of drunk and drugged party animals moving and perhaps even singing along to this cautionary farce. (Actually, that's how I first heard this song.)
From Oracular Spectacular

11. Arcade Fire: «No Cars Go»
Pompous, poppy and perhaps a little vomit-inducing, I know, but this song sounded great when I first heard a live version playing… on a car radio.
From Neon Bible

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